What’s the distance from your break room to your board room?

Remember when your dealership was a stand-alone operation? The distance from your boardroom to the break room was measured in feet. Now with acquisitions and expansion into big multi-location dealers, some of which span states, that distance is measured in miles. The culture of a 2nd Machine Age (SMA) dealer must consistently reach from yourContinue reading “What’s the distance from your break room to your board room?”

Russ Green of Mackayben joins MAC

   Russ Green has been accepted as an advisor into the Machinery Advisory Consortium (MAC).  MAC is a team of industry professionals who coach agricultural, construction, and other retail dealers of capital goods and services.     The Consortium is a collaboration among companies and individuals with over 400 combined years of experience who know theContinue reading “Russ Green of Mackayben joins MAC”

The 9-Word Speech

Throughout your career you will experience numerous opportunities where your work performance will be evaluated.  Organized corporations and structured businesses use the formal, scheduled employee performance review as an opportunity to review a team member’s performance to stated performance objectives.  Strong leaders and supervisors use the performance review as a chance to focus the employeeContinue reading “The 9-Word Speech”