Mackayben AFA Announcement

During the annual 2022 Conference of the Agriculture Future of America AFA, four industry leaders were announced by the Board as inaugural members of the Executive Ambassadors.

  The four members of this first class included:

Susanne Wasson Corteva

Bill Hendrix Valent

Michael Eade Morris Bixby Group / Merck

Russ Green MACKAYBEN / AGCO Corporation

Agriculture Future of America (AFA) exists to shape transformational leaders in food and agriculture who make a positive impact. The students AFA serves are the future leaders of the agriculture, food, and natural resources industries — from small farms to multinational corporations. We understand this is a BIG goal, but one that is so important to strengthening the future of the global food and agriculture industry and one we cannot accomplish alone. 

Ambassadors will champion AFA to others by sharing their story and impact, building enthusiasm for the organization and its programs, encouraging contributions, and recruiting new individuals. This group demonstrates a strong belief and commitment to AFA’s mission, goals, and priorities building the next generation of ag, food and natural resources leaders.  

Following the announcement of this new initiative Ambassadors will participate in parallel with AFA staff to support special AFA events like the Food, Policy, Crop Science, Animal, Technology, and Sustainability Institutes of AFA.  Ambassadors will be included in preparation for, and delivery of the “Alliance X” AFA Alumni events during the year and at the annual Conference.

Russ Green stated, “I believe it is incumbent on all of us who have enjoyed a very fruitful lifestyle while leading in agricultural careers to set and example and lead the way for the next generation to learn from our experiences and mistakes so that they create a better agricultural environment for all of us to share.  The sustainability of our industry and the supply of safe, abundant, and nutritious food depends on our ability learn, adapt, change, and perform in a manner that meets the environmental and industry challenges.”

More can be learned about the initiatives of the Agriculture Future of America at their website.

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