Russ Green
Managing Director

Russ has had a 45+ year career supporting the agri-food value chain. Having worked for and lead organizations like AGCO, Claas of America, and Case New Holland, Russ has deep industry knowledge and connections that can only come from a life-long devotion to the industry. Russ completed his undergrad at University of Northern Iowa and his MBA at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Lubar School of Business.

DISC Assessment Strengths:

  • Likes to be with people
  • Works pleasantly and reliably
  • Takes care of people relations
  • Sociable, but also disciplined
  • Gets people excited
  • Is friendly to everybody
  • Discusses positively
  • Doesn’t always put himself first
  • Listens to people’s wishes
  • Can talk and listen
  • Wants to obey the rules
  • Participates in different undertakings

Passionate about helping the Next Generation of Ag & Food Leaders

Russ credits his success in the agricultural business to being raised with a Midwest work ethic surrounded by people who genuinely cared for each other’s interests and community well-being. Named by Farm Industry News as one of the 10 Fascinating People in Agriculture in 2015, Russ has formed a successful career contributing to the growth and business expansion of several international industry players in the agricultural sector.

Russ is a ‘truth-teller and a sense-maker.” He is as comfortable with his problem-solving and communication skills with the producer in the small cattle feed yard as he is with his executive teammates in the corporate boardroom. One of his industry colleagues stated, that Russ’ ability to make strategic progress with the quote, “Russ has great people skills and was comfortable interacting with anyone from a small-scale farmer to the president of a multinational corporation to a State Governor or U.S. Senator.”

As Russ pivots from a global, corporate business environment to one as a teacher, consultant and individual contributor, he will lean on his extensive industry experience, coaching background and ability to listen to the complexity of every situation.

MACKAYBEN helps the broader agri-food value chain through:

  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Uncovering visions leading to a purpose
  • Inspiring teams and individuals
  • Aligning actions to strategy
  • Creating a platform for agriculture advocacy
  • Acting as a mentor to millennials and future generations

Why the name MACKAYBEN?

Many have asked about the source of the brand name MACKAYBEN.  It’s not intuitive, but it is purposeful by design. In 2012 when the LLC was established, Russ and his wife Katy Green enjoyed three grandchildren; Mac, Kaylee and Ben. 

Unified, it’s Mac – Kay – Ben.

Ben, Robbie, Eli, Liam, Kaylee & Mac with Grandpa Robertson’s IH 856 tractor